Wednesday, July 27, 2011

About me...

When I started to create my blog profile, I saw that it was possible to add information about myself in the profile. After staring at the computer screen for several minutes, I opted not to add anything. I didn't feel that listing my favorite books, music, movies, etc. would be anything other than simply lists, and that for the most part, really wouldn't give much of a picture of who I am. And yet I couldn't stop thinking about who I am, how I define myself...

Life is full of "labels", little boxes I can put myself in that would let others know who I am and what I stand for and believe in. These boxes, roles I play, change over time and the more I come to know myself, the more boxes I see to put myself in. These are some of my boxes: child, daughter, sister, mother, lover, lesbian, student, professional, poet, musician, pet owner (crazy cat lady?!), Caucasian, Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, volunteer, Christian, softball player, die hard Cubs fan, alcoholic, mentally ill, disabled...and many, many more. At first, this bothered me. There are too many boxes. And I have very little room in my apartment to store them all!

I am finally beginning to see that I am more than my labels, my boxes. So much more. Today I am striving to love, accept, and appreciate all of me and celebrate the innumerable life experiences that have contributed to the person I have become today. I recognize and embrace the "good" and the "not-so-good". I recognize and embrace my joys and my sorrows, my nightmares and my dreams, my goals and my aspirations, my hopes and my fears, my trials and my tribulations. I think of all of the people I have known over the years, the places I've been, the things I've seen. And what I've concluded is that I am a little bit of everything. I've stopped looking for the "right" box for me.

Can I relate to everyone? I'm going to go out on a limb and dare to say "yes", I can relate to everyone on some level, no matter how small. Have I had the same life experiences as you? For some of you, that can be answered with a "yes". For others, it would be a "no". What I do believe is that there is a common thread, running through all of us, that when stitched together, creates life's greatest tapestry - humanity. I believe that I am a little bit of you and you are a little bit of me.

So, I guess if I must choose a box or two in which to reside, it would be the box labeled "human" and the box labeled "Child of God". That is where you will find me and I will find you.

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