Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So You Think You Have Something To Share

Well, here I am, creating my blog site. I must admit that my knowledge of computers, well any technology for that matter, is quite limited. Ok, severely limited. But I'm willing to learn.

I have thought about creating a blog for some time now but was't really even sure what a "blog" was. I now have a number of friends who are bloggers and I enjoy reading their postings. More often than not, they leave me with something to think about, laugh about, even cry about. I am not proclaiming to have any sort of "mission" behind my blog. I don't promise to stimulate your intellect, your sense of humor, or your emotions. I simply wish to share some of my life experiences, my struggles, and my triumphs.

I have always been a "night owl". For whatever reason, my mind seems to start spinning into some sort of, what I like to call, a "story telling" mode. It's alot like having a conversation with someone who is not actually present and listening. Please don't confuse this for the experience of hearing voices in my head (although I have on a couple occassions had this experience as well!) So, that being said, I start out on this new journey of self expression, not knowing where it will lead me. Let the fun begin!

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